New Relaunching of Hall of Codes Github Organization

Merging Programmers Beyond Conflicts.

We revolutionizes development by fostering cohesion among teams, transcending conflicts to drive collective innovation. Harnessing the synergy of diverse talents, we pave the way for seamless collaboration, ensuring projects thrive in an environment of unity and progress.

Join us in revolutionizing the landscape of programming, where conflicts dissolve, and collaboration flourishes. Experience the synergy of innovation and unity with Hall of Codes.

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Why Hall of Codes?

Be part of a vibrant community where innovation thrives and collaboration is key. With access to cutting-edge projects and a supportive network, you'll accelerate your growth and make a real impact in the world of technology.


  1. This group has been established

    It's former name was Android Developer then after 2 more years it was changed to Google Developers

  2. The community has been rebranded to Hall of Codes

    Till this day the group is still thriving and active

  3. Hall of Codes first Github Org

  4. Hall of Codes first Facebook Page

    As of now it has 4.5K likes and followers